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Largest places in Equatorial Guinea

The largest cities and places in Equatorial Guinea at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Equatorial Guinea.

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Largest places in Equatorial Guinea
Bata Bata1.Litoral Litoral173,046
Malabo Malabo2.Bioko Norte Bioko Norte155,963
Ebebiyin Ebebiyin3.Kie-Ntem Kié-Ntem24,831
Aconibe Aconibe4.Wele-Nzas Wele-Nzas11,192
Anisoc Añisoc5.Wele-Nzas Wele-Nzas10,191
Luba Luba6.Bioko Sur Bioko Sur8,655
Evinayong Evinayong7.Centro Sur Centro Sur8,462
Mongomo Mongomo8.Wele-Nzas Wele-Nzas6,393
Mikomeseng Mikomeseng9.Kie-Ntem Kié-Ntem5,813
Rebola Rebola10.Bioko Norte Bioko Norte5,450
San Antonio de Pale San Antonio de Palé11.Annobon Annobón4,433
Mbini Mbini12.Litoral Litoral4,062
Nsok Nsok13.Wele-Nzas Wele-Nzas3,769
Ayene Ayene14.Wele-Nzas Wele-Nzas3,482
Machinda Machinda15.Litoral Litoral2,897
Acurenam Acurenam16.Centro Sur Centro Sur2,736
Santiago de Baney Santiago de Baney17.Bioko Norte Bioko Norte2,365
Bicurga Bicurga18.Centro Sur Centro Sur2,318
Nsang Nsang19.Kie-Ntem Kié-Ntem2,122
Ncue Ncue20. 1,683
Bitica Bitica21. 1,464
Rio Campo Río Campo22. 1,105
Ciudad de Riaba Ciudad de Riaba23. 971

1 - 23 of 23 places

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